In case you decided to play CS: GO so that you can enjoy all the way, it is essential learning how the game works beforehand.

Of course, most of us already know everything about Counter-Strike, especially since the gameplay as well as graphics and modes have not changed significantly.

In general, it is a First Person Shooter game that entered the market back in 2012, and it is one of the most popular games on Steam. The idea is that you can choose to be a counter-terrorist or terrorist team, and work with other players to stop the opposing team.

If you choose terrorists, you will have objectives based on the game mode you decide. For instance, the most popular game mode is a bomb scenario, in which terrorists have to get to a bombsite, plant it and keep it until it explodes. 

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At the same time, in Hostage game mode, terrorists are protecting hostages against the CT team that are going to rescue missions. On the other hand, as counter-terrorist, you have to stop the T team from planting the bomb, wait until the timer runs out, or to kill the enemy team.

Game Modes

  • Deathmatch – In the beginning, you can choose whether you wish to play for CT or T team. The moment you jump into the match, the idea is to kill as many players from the opposite side in the next ten minutes.All guns are entirely free and you can purchase them in a short period after spawning. After the clock runs out, the match will be over and the top three players will be winners.
  • War Games – This is a mini-game mode in which you can enter to play for fun by following specific orders and gameplays.
  • Arms Race – The idea is to kill other people with a random gun, and you will acquire new weapons by killing more people. After two kills, you will be able to level up your current gun into more advanced and so on.The person who reaches top rank will get the golden knife with the idea to kill someone with it. As soon as someone kills another player with a golden knife that person is a winner.
  • Demolition – You need to work as a team to plant a bomb or to stop a terrorist group from planting it in the first place. In most cases, one map has at least one, but in some plans, two bombing sites. You should watch this video: to understand how to defuse bomb with ease.
  • Flying Scoutman – In this game mode, you need to eliminate all opponents while having high mobility.
  • Casual – This is the classic mode that we already played in previous versions of CS. The idea is to eliminate the enemy team or finish the objective such as planting the bomb or rescuing the hostages to win a game.

Crates, Skins, and Gambling

Counter-Strike GO is the game that requires a Steam account so that you can play with ease. You can purchase things that will increase skins and other aesthetical perspectives that you have for the game.

Remember that some skins are highly expensive, and you will end up paying for hundreds of dollars for it. You can choose gambling mini-games that will allow you to try your luck along the way.

  • Crates – You will get boxes as drop items from games, but you can also get them by paying a few dollars. A case key costs approximately $2.5, while crates are $0.25. You will be able to get different guns, case skins, and numerous limited edition equipment. Since it is gambling, you can gain a knife that can cost up to a thousand dollars or the one for one cent. Everything depends on whether you have money to spend, but we recommend you avoid paying for them because it is a waste of money, and in most cases, you will get lousy and worthless equipment.

To avoid issues that come with paying crates and skins, you should check for CSGO hacks that will help you be the best with ease.

  • Gambling – Apart from the ability to play, CS: GO features the ability to enter their website where you can gamble in numerous ways similarly as in a real casino. Some sites created their cases that you can open, which are not connected with Steam.