Assassin’s Creed Origins Review: Back in Full Strength!

Assassin’s Creed, there are feelings of love and hate when talking about this franchise. Love because it is clear, what Ubisoft did with him was right in the early years. The mechanical improvements that began with the second series, the fantastic story and characterization through Ezio’s tangle of stories, and the myriad mysteries waiting to be explored make it an anticipated title. But the decision to release it as an annual game release indeed backfired fatally. At the beginning of the implementation of this policy, Assassin’s Creed still looks charming. But as time went on, especially with the necessity to offer different historical settings and timelines, he began to lose traction in the last few series. Until finally, Ubisoft rested him for one year. You can get this game at low prices on Games-Cheap

And to be honest, there are no sweeter decisions. The decision to rest the series for … Read More

10 Reasons To Play FIFA 19

If you are a football lover, you must know about the latest released football game FIFA 19. FIFA 19 has been in the football gaming trend for a long time.

This game has a larger number of fan following and due to it the popularity it is able to sell 260 million+ copies making this game a world highest selling game in the gaming industry. Below are the 10 reasons to play FIFA is the best UK FIFA COINS seller.

1.     Gameplay

Just like the other FIFA games, the gameplay is not much different in the game. But the games come with a diversity of several stadiums, leagues, players and most important modes.

 Most of the modes in the game are exciting. You can enjoy the Freestyle mode, leagues mode and other different modes. The developers have also introduced a wholly new set of the stadium in the … Read More