Kratom Trying to Convince the Government

Generally, the livelihoods of Tuana Tuha villagers are fishermen, but uncertainty and cost make them leave the profession. At the end of visiting the village to buy kratom leaves or also Maeng da kratom, and inform the residents that the leaves are in great demand abroad. According to him, the leaf has been cultivated since 2004 in Pontianak. Villagers here for generations have been drinking boiled water from the bark of a tree, especially for women after giving birth to clean up dirty blood, and speed up the healing process, but we have never consumed the leaves.
This year, Tuana Tuha Village experienced a peak in kratom harvests between January and May. With 300 kratom pickers, it can get up to 50 tons of kratom leaves per month, generating an income of one billion rupiahs. Under the blazing Kalimantan sunshine, the leaves dry in just six hours and can … Read More