In the online game World of Warcraft, there are many characteristics that we can use as our main character. Here, we will discuss Azshara and Cenarius as characters in World of Warcraft. Azshara and Cenarius are unusual creatures, they are elves and also demigods. For beginners, these two characters are fairly easy because they have strengths above the average compared to other characters. For Azhara, this character is a character with a range attack type. Long range attacks are very easy to use when facing a monster with a friend who has a melee attack type. Well, meanwhile, Cenarius has a melee type of attack. These two characters will be very fitting if combined into a team in leveling. wow powerleveling can also be used to boost speed in raising levels in this game.

Azshara the Night Elf

In the history of Azeroth, just before the first major Warcraft War, Burning Legion had invaded Azeroth through a Great War story called “War of the Ancients”. This war arises because at that time the Night Elf nation led by a queen named Azshara, consumed by the temptations of magic offered by Sargeras. Witchcraft at Azeroth was concentrated in the spring of eternity in the middle of Kalimdor called ‘Well of Eternity’. Sargeras intends to master this and approach Azshara to open the portal so that the Burning Legion can enter Azeroth. What makes Azshara considered the strongest creature in the world of World of Warcraft is because of his knowledge of witchcraft and the use of eternal springs. When the War of the Ancient ended, the fountain of eternity was destroyed by the destruction of the large portal, which at the time was the entrance of the demons. Because of the magnitude of the explosion, Azeroth is now divided into two continents and small islands whose origins are broad land. The center of the explosion is now an eternal whirlpool and is called Maelstorm. Azshara was saved by the gods of darkness in Azeroth and now he inhabits the underwater city of Nazjatar in the middle of Maelstorm. WoW leveling will be easy with this character.

Cenarius The Demigod

Cenarius is a demigod who came from Azeroth. He taught the science of druidism to several Night Elves, among them Malfurion and Illidan Stormrage. She is the daughter of Elune, the moon goddess and was given the title as “heart of the land”. During the second war when the Orc race sailed to Kalimdor, Cenarius was defeated by an Orc knight, Grom Hellscream who was drinking the blood of the demon Mannoroth. Grom can defeat a demigod with the help of darkness to destroy first the sacred forest that makes Cenarius weak and physically injured. Although considered dead, it turns out that the Cenarius spirit still preserves the sacred forest and he is rescued by the green Dragon, Ysera to be able to live in the dream world of the Emerald Dream. Cenarius still preserves dreamland and is a manifestation of the balance of nature in Azeroth. Level boost Wow can enhance your leveling speed in this character.