Assassin’s Creed, there are feelings of love and hate when talking about this franchise. Love because it is clear, what Ubisoft did with him was right in the early years. The mechanical improvements that began with the second series, the fantastic story and characterization through Ezio’s tangle of stories, and the myriad mysteries waiting to be explored make it an anticipated title. But the decision to release it as an annual game release indeed backfired fatally. At the beginning of the implementation of this policy, Assassin’s Creed still looks charming. But as time went on, especially with the necessity to offer different historical settings and timelines, he began to lose traction in the last few series. Until finally, Ubisoft rested him for one year. You can get this game at low prices on Games-Cheap

And to be honest, there are no sweeter decisions. The decision to rest the series for one year to provide an opportunity for the film adaptation to shine on the big screen turned out to make the team behind the Black Flag series have the opportunity to mix a solid series. Those of you who have read our previous preview seems to have a little idea of ​​what is offered by the series which should contain the story behind the appearance of the Assassin for the first time. The good news? As your journey progresses to taste it, the attraction survives or even ends better, especially from the world design, visuals, and gameplay that is carried.

So, what exactly does Assassin’s Creed Origins offer? Why do we call it a game that returns in full force? This review will discuss it deeper for you.


Calling the era timeline as “Ancient Egypt” doesn’t seem right considering it explores Egyptian civilization at its final point.

As most of us know, Assassin’s Creed Origins has indeed made Egyptian civilization the main setting, with several iconic characters such as Cleopatra and Julius Caesar as the driving force of the story. But if you have to look at the timeline on the historical site of the real world, calling them “classic” civilizations seems a little wrong. What Origins explored was the more “modern” civilization of Egypt where various achievements were made by the ancient Pharaohs? Egypt itself has now become a fusion space between various nations, especially Greece and Rome.

You play a warrior named Bayek. A tragedy befell him and encourage Bayek to carry out a mission of revenge. His son whom he loved ended up dead at the hands of a secret organization with masked humans called “The Order”. Each member of The Order comes with an animal code name and anonymity. Bayek began to explore who they were with the desire to take each of their lives. He was also assisted by his beloved wife – Aya who now stands under the leadership of Cleopatra – a royal princess whose throne was captured by Pharaoh named Ptolemy.

Bayek who came on a mission of revenge for the death of his son discovered the role of The Order behind a wider Egypt. Not only himself, but he was also assisted by his wife – Aya.

But this attempt to destroy The Order opened Bayek’s eyes to the extent of their serious influence in Egypt. That not only one or two people, but this organization also turned out to have so many important people who have a clear mission – to control and control Egypt from behind the scenes. To the point, they were able to manipulate so many things to make Ptolemy a Pharaoh that made the people of Egypt more miserable. While on the other hand, Bayek also has to carry out his duties as a Medjay – a protector of super wise people who are relied on to solve various personal and social problems that exist. This revenge mission ended up being bigger than he could have imagined.

What kind of challenges must Bayek face?

So, who are the members of The Order? How did Bayek and Aya end up starting the Assassin organization as we know it? What is the role of Cleopatra and Caesar in the story? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing Assassin’s Creed Origins.