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I can’t possibly tell you everything you’ll learn when you dive into TedsWoodworking … otherwise, you’d be reading this page all day!

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Each of the 16,000 projects is detailed enough to leave nothing to guesswork yet simple enough for beginners.
It contains complete instructions from start to finish, leaving absolutely no guesswork.

Dear Woodworker, homeowners, Do-It-Yourselfers, Hobbyists, Teachers and Students...

Have you ever:

  • Wanted to build something, because you cannot find it “retail”?
  • Thought of making something custom for a specific need?
  • Struggled to find detailed plans to build your dream project?

These are the problems I faced years ago when I started woodworking

... and it is the same problem many of my students are still facing today.

Now if you've always dreamed of being able to build whatever you wanted...

Instead of spending days, months or years looking for something or spending a fortune hiring someone to do it for you...

And you crave the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands.

Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read...

Here's The Big Problem:

When I started looking online for plans and buying magazines, here's what I discovered:

Most plans I found are complete garbage.

Here's why:
  • Plans are not specific enough - They either lack a step or they lack descriptions or measurements.
  • Instructions that leave out vital information, assuming that you are experienced enough to "fill in the blanks".
  • Assume you're a master craftsman with access to expensive tools and a large workshop.
  • Directions that are too complex for beginners and "assume" you know a great deal about woodworking itself.

And in many cases, there is simply not enough detail!

One of the projects I saw was for a modern wardrobe. And the details on how to put together are terrible.

You have to start guessing where to attach carriage bolts, etc. Another was that the top backboard is not straight as it has a design to it which was not explained.

So I took a paper template and drew it out and traced it on the boards best I could for one of my students.

These so-called "step by step" plans make woodworking harder than it actually is.

Because they:
  • Don't include cut sheets - so you have to 'guesstimate' materials
  • Make it look easier than they end up being - as they have missing steps or inaccurate measurements.
  • Include pictures that don't match what they're telling you!
No wonder woodworking seems so hard!

So I've Decided To Solve All That...

Well, luckily for you, these problems become a blessing in disguise, because I have spent the last 25+ years putting together the world's most comprehensive collection of woodworking plans.

What if I told you that you could get your hands on 16,000 woodworking projects...

with already “done-for-you” plans that includes step-by-step blueprints...

So you can build stunning, professional woodworking projects -- easily, quickly & hassle-free?

Here's what I'm talking about:

1. Step-By-Step Instructions

You get detailed projects with step by step, A to Z instructions that make building projects super fast, super easy and super fun.

With the simple "hold-you-by-the-hand" instructions, you can complete woodworking projects in a small fraction of the time it currently takes you.

It's like having a MASTER woodworker, by your side, guiding you through the entire project

2. Cutting & Materials List

You get an exact cutting and materials list for every project.

You will be able to buy exact amounts which means you'll stop wasting your hard-earned cash on the wrong wood, the wrong materials or the wrong quantity.

It saves time and cuts down waste. It saves money. You'll spend more time building, less time fretting.

3. Detailed Schematics

With sharp and colourful schematics included in each plan, there's simply no guesswork involved. The level of detail makes the most challenging project a walk in the park!

When instructions are THIS clear, your project BUILDS ITSELF. All the pieces just “Click” into place.

You'll complete projects in a fraction of the time it usually takes you.

4. Views From All Angles

You get to see EXACTLY how everything should look BEFORE you build them.

Most plans don't include this and simply assume. You'll end up building something that doesn't look like the drawing!

You get intricate details of every angle, every corner, and every joint. The plans will NEVER leave you guessing or scratching your head over any detail.

5. Suitable For Beginners & Professionals

We've got plans that cover all levels of skill and competence. You do NOT need to be a master woodworker or have expensive machinery to use our plans.

Whether you're a complete beginner, an amateur woodworker with hand tools or a seasoned pro, you'll find thousands of projects that will suit your level.

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