Is Teds Woodworking Worth the Hype? Our Review


If you've heard of Tedswoodworking, then you know it's been getting a lot of hype lately. But is it really worth it? In this Tedswoodworking review, we'll break down the details and provide our honest opinion. We'll cover the pros and cons, what kind of projects you can build, and more, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's the right woodworking program for you.

Is Teds Woodworking Worth the Hype? Our Review

What is Teds Woodworking?

Teds Woodworking is an online resource for woodworking enthusiasts of all levels. It provides a comprehensive selection of plans for a variety of projects, from beginner-level to more complex designs. It was created by Ted McGrath, a professional woodworker and teacher with over two decades of experience in the field. The Teds Woodworking website offers a wide range of plans, from basic furniture builds to more intricate and detailed designs. These plans can be purchased as a single plan or as a package, depending on the user's needs. The packages come with detailed instructions and diagrams, as well as step-by-step videos that help to make the construction process easier. 

Teds Woodworking plans also come with a money-back guarantee, which is great for those who are new to woodworking and want to make sure they get the most out of their purchase. In addition, users can access the Teds Woodworking community for help and advice from other experienced woodworkers. This makes it easy to get answers to any questions or problems that may arise during the project. 

Overall, Teds Woodworking is a great resource for anyone looking for plans and ideas for their next woodworking project. With its comprehensive selection of plans, detailed instructions, and helpful community, Teds Woodworking makes it easy to get started in the world of woodworking.

The Pros of Teds Woodworking

Teds Woodworking plans are an incredibly comprehensive set of 16,000 woodworking projects and plans. The plans range from beginner to advanced, allowing you to choose the level of complexity that best suits your needs. Additionally, there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for basic furniture, intricate outdoor structures, or more complex projects such as turning a log into a bed frame. 

Another advantage of Teds Woodworking is that it comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and follow, as well as detailed diagrams for each project. This makes it easy for even beginners to build their own pieces of furniture or outdoor structures. The plans also come with tips on how to save money when buying wood and tools and even offer suggestions on where to purchase high-quality materials.

In addition, the Teds Woodworking package includes a wide variety of bonuses that make building even easier. These include video tutorials, CAD software, and other helpful resources that provide an in-depth look into the craft of woodworking.

Finally, the Teds Woodworking review would not be complete without mentioning the incredible customer service that comes with it. In addition to being able to contact Ted directly via email, customers can also access a detailed FAQ page and a comprehensive forum to ask questions and get answers from experienced woodworkers. This level of support is a testament to Ted's commitment to making sure that his customers get the best out of his product.

The Cons of Teds Woodworking

One of the biggest drawbacks to Teds Woodworking plans is that some of the plans are difficult to follow. While the instructions are clear and concise, many users have found that certain plans can be overly complex and difficult to understand. In addition, many of the plans require the use of expensive tools and materials, which may be hard for some woodworking enthusiasts to acquire. 

Finally, some reviews have noted that the customer service provided by Ted's Woodworking can be lacking. If you are having difficulty with a plan or need help understanding a particular instruction, you may find it hard to get help from the company. As such, it is important to review customer service policies prior to making any purchases. 

All in all, Teds Woodworking offers an impressive selection of woodworking plans, but there are some cons that should be considered before investing in this product. It is important to evaluate whether the plans are too difficult to understand, whether they require expensive tools and materials, and whether customer service is sufficient. By doing so, customers can determine whether Teds Woodworking is worth the hype.

Our verdict

Teds Woodworking is a comprehensive collection of over 16,000 woodworking projects and plans. The plans are clearly detailed and easy to understand, making them perfect for both beginner and advanced woodworkers. With a range of plans available, you can tackle any woodworking project with ease. However, there are some drawbacks to the package. Ted’s woodworking plans cost a fair amount of money, so if you’re on a budget, you may want to look for cheaper options. Additionally, there is no guarantee that all the plans will be accurate, so you should make sure to double-check your measurements before starting a project.

Overall, Teds Woodworking is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a comprehensive collection of woodworking plans. The plans are detailed and easy to follow, and there is a wide variety of plans to choose from. If you’re serious about woodworking and don’t mind paying for a good quality plan, then Teds Woodworking could be right for you.

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