What are the different types of crowd control barriers and where are they used?

For handling large gathering on festivals, protests etc. we need crowd control barriers as they are very effectual at controlling the crowd and enhances the level of safety. There are several barriers and each having a different use and handling function. Following are some crowd control barriers which are commonly used:

Stanchion barrier: These types of barriers are used in red carpet and business kind of events. These consists of vertical posts and thick ropes which are very easy to setup and can apply color on ropes to completely to go with the hosted event.

Retractable: These barriers are instant solution to control the crowd and can be installed effortlessly in a rush. It has several poles that are linked simultaneously with a strong belt. It is a convenient option for the organisational or temporary event.

Steel: The largely tough barrier is feigned in steel. These barriers are extremely weighty and there are several pieces that are linked together to provide a concrete crowd control selection. This barrier is a convenient option for the events that have presence of hundreds or thousands of persons. The vast advantage of this kind of linked hurdle is that the risk of falling over is low and has capability to suppress the big gatherings.

Collapsible: This barrier is a flexible choice mainly for block areas like doorways that have been stated banned. It comes in a large variety of sizes and gives absolute easiness in setting up and storing. These barriers are trendy and suitable option for stores and small venues.

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