If you are a football lover, you must know about the latest released football game FIFA 19. FIFA 19 has been in the football gaming trend for a long time.

This game has a larger number of fan following and due to it the popularity it is able to sell 260 million+ copies making this game a world highest selling game in the gaming industry. Below are the 10 reasons to play FIFA 2019.Fifa.com is the best UK FIFA COINS seller.

1.     Gameplay

Just like the other FIFA games, the gameplay is not much different in the game. But the games come with a diversity of several stadiums, leagues, players and most important modes.

 Most of the modes in the game are exciting. You can enjoy the Freestyle mode, leagues mode and other different modes. The developers have also introduced a wholly new set of the stadium in the game.

2.     Graphics

The graphics in FIFA 2019 is realistic. All the team and player seem to be more realistic. Players outfit, team flags, and the crowd look cool.

In FIFA 19 the facial details of the players look better and more realism. The expression of the play seems more genuine.

Overall FIFA 19 is a good game in term of presentation. Everything related to the graphic is excellent in the game.

3.     More Stadiums

A completely new collection of stadiums is added in the game. So that you may enjoy the best atmosphere while playing both at home as well as away games.

From Santiago Bernabeu to Camp Nou, to Atlanta United Stadium this game is constructed with some of the most famous stadiums in the world.

4.     Online Game Modes

FIFA 19 mode offers the user to accommodate the gaming experience. This game allows both offline modes and online modes.

 In offline modes, you can enjoy a single player or multiplayer games. While the online modes offer the best multiplayer gaming experience.

The game gives a choice to the user to play with or against their friends, or even you can play against some unknown person around the world.

5.     FIFA 19 Teams

FIFA 19 lovers can play with their favorite team. There are a variety of different teams in this FIFA game.

 This game has about 30 leagues and 700 teams including various clubs, leagues and national teams. The game also organizes weekly tournaments to improve your game, and you can also earn some rewards from it.

6.     Game Mode

FIFA 19 has a different gaming mode that allows gamers to keep them entertained for hours. Other than the standards modes, FIFA 19 has added different variety in the gaming mode.

The FIFA 19 game mode includes the Kick Off, Classical Match, UEFA Champions League, Dual match, Own rules match, Manager and player career, Manager Career, Player career, and other different modes.

7.     No rules mode

FIFA 19 has added different rules in the gaming mode. For example, there is a “freestyle” play in the game where no rules are applied. So you can play the game in your own style without caring about the rules.

 There is another mode know as house rules where you can add rules of your personal choice. And the best thing about this mode is that you can even choose the method of scoring goals in the game.

8.     Multiplayer

You can show your Football gaming skills to your friends in the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode in the game allows you to play with your friends both online and offline.

You need to pick your best playing 11 and start competing with your friends to beat them in the game.

9.     Leagues

There are a variety of different league and tournament in the game that allows the player to enjoy hours of gaming experience.

 The UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Super Cup are also added in the game. You can also enjoy PRO LEAGUE, HYUNDAI A-LEAGUE, and many other leagues. These leagues never let you feel bored during the game.

10.                       Players

The players in FIFA 19 look realistic. These players genuinely look like your favorite player with a more genuine facial expression.

There are about 700 teams in the game including thousands of players. You can choose your favorite player rather it be Ronaldo or Messi or some other and enjoy the best gaming experience.